3-Step Guide to Keeping Your Keyboard Clean

Did you know that your computer keyboard is five times dirtier than your toilet seat?!?

This might seem a bit far-fetched; but when you really think about it, there’s a lot of truth to this statement.

You probably can’t count the number of times that your fingers come in contact with your keyboard each day. And unless you sanitize or wash your hands before completing a keystroke, every single germ living on your hands can make its way onto your keyboard — where it will remain until disinfected.

Now, if you’re using a green commercial cleaning company in Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth), the company undoubtedly wipes your keyboards with disinfecting solution on a regular basis.

However, what if you only receive services once or twice a week?

Rather than let your keyboard turn into a hotbed for old food and disgusting germs, here are three ways to keep your keyboard clean between services.

  • Keep sanitizing gel or wipes near your workstation: Even if you only leave your desk for a couple of minutes, always sanitize your hands upon returning — before touching any item, such as your phone, keyboard and computer.
  • Don’t eat at your desk: Yes, it’s convenient — especially when you’re working through lunch. However, food particles and crumbs can scatter all around your workstation and fall into hard-to-clean areas, such as in-between the keys. If you do eat at your desk, shake your keyboard over a trash bin to remove loose crumbs.
  • Clean your keyboard daily, or every other day: Use disinfecting wipes daily to wipe down your keyboard and remove germs and bacteria. There are wipes specifically designed for electronic devices. Also, a can of compressed air can loosen crumbs and debris trapped between letters.

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