Bringing Your Pet to Work? Here’s How to Keep Your Office Clean

Most of us really love pets — whether they’re our own or someone else’s. But pets require a lot of care. If your boss is super cool, he might let you bring your pet to the office. However, animals can be a bit messy, so it’s important to look after them and be ready to clean up their mess in a moment’s notice:

  • You can minimize the mess your pet makes by taking good care of his hygiene. If your pet is well-groomed he’ll shed far less hair. Give regular baths to keep his coat healthy (with cats and dogs) and use a lint roller to keep clothes and surfaces clean after the pet leaves the office.
  • If you have too much pet hair left behind on carpets or if your pet was shedding in other areas of the office, you’ll need a good vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess. A beater brush helps you clean up hair fairly easily without damaging any surfaces due to its nylon bristles. A pet sponge can also remove pet hair on fabrics and carpets.
  • Stains may occur if your pet has an accident, so you’ll need to deal with accidents as fast as you can. Keep a cloth and use water to dilute the spot as soon as you notice it, and use distilled white vinegar to get rid of the smell. You can also use bacteria digesters. This helps with carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and other types of cleaning when it comes to pets.

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