Janitorial Services

Dirty Places in Your Office? Call for Office Cleaning in Greenbrier/Chesapeake

You might underestimate the number of places in your office teeming with bacteria. Before heading back to your desk, think for a moment about the creepy crawlies (dust mites) in your office, under your fingertips, and all around you.  It’s not the most comforting thought; and while it doesn’t help to obsess about cleanliness, it […]

Tips for Reducing Dust in an Electrostatic Environment

Too much dust around your computers and files? Need a commercial office cleaning company for your Chesapeake or Virginia Beach office? No worries–Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services can provide exactly what you need at a competitive price. Dust might be a common complaint in electrostatic environments, but this doesn’t mean you have to live with it. The […]

Workplace Flu Prevention Tips

It’s that time of year again…cold and flu season!! The flu is a highly contagious virus that can spread like wildfire in an office setting. It only takes one sick employee to leave you with a skeleton crew. And with the majority of your staff out sick, productivity goes out the window. Workplace flu prevention […]

How to Keep Funky Odors Out of Your Office

A clean office has a tremendous impact on your professional image. Clients are likely to notice the cleanliness of your office as soon as they step foot inside. But no matter how clean your office appears, a funky odor doesn’t leave the best impression. Unfortunately, you and your staff might become nose blind to certain […]

Get a Quote for Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning in Chesapeake

Commercial floors can take a beating, which is why it’s important to schedule regular floor care and carpet cleaning in Chesapeake, Norfolk or Virginia Beach. With the amount of foot traffic in and out of your building every day, floors can gradually appear worn and dirty. And unfortunately, this doesn’t create the most professional image. Whether you have carpet, hardwood […]

Find Professional Commercial Cleaning in Virginia Beach

Do you need commercial office cleaning in Virginia Beach for your medical office, real estate office, attorney office, or other business? Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services offers quality and affordable janitorial services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake. Why Choose Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services? Because we have eight years of experience in the industry we’re the company to trust. We can provide janitorial […]

Reliable Office Cleaning Virginia Beach

Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services is a commercial janitorial company in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk. We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer a 100% guarantee. But if you only receive janitorial services once a week or a few days out of the week, your office can quickly become dusty and dirty depending on your amount of employees […]

Affordable Janitorial Services in Chesapeake

Looking for commercial cleaning in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Norfolk? If so, we’re the company to trust. Keeping an office clean and germ-free can be a part-time job in itself. If your office gets a lot of foot traffic and you employ a lot of people, germs can spread quickly. This results in more employee sick days and […]

Top Reasons to Hire Us for Commercial Cleaning – Chesapeake

Are you frustrated with your present cleaning company? Rather than maintain a relationship with a commercial cleaning company that does a poor job, it’s time to explore your options. Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services is committed to customer satisfaction and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your office is clean the right way every time We offer […]

Janitorial Services in Virginia Beach

From Virginia Beach to Chesapeake to Norfork, we deliver affordable commercial janitorial services. We’ve served the Tidewater area since 2008, and we’re happy to build a new relationship and earn your trust as one of the best janitorial services in the region. For a free, no-obligation estimate for commercial janitorial services in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Norfolk, complete the contact […]