Office Cleaning

Dirty Places in Your Office? Call for Office Cleaning in Greenbrier/Chesapeake

You might underestimate the number of places in your office teeming with bacteria. Before heading back to your desk, think for a moment about the creepy crawlies (dust mites) in your office, under your fingertips, and all around you.  It’s not the most comforting thought; and while it doesn’t help to obsess about cleanliness, it […]

Tips for Reducing Dust in an Electrostatic Environment

Too much dust around your computers and files? Need a commercial office cleaning company for your Chesapeake or Virginia Beach office? No worries–Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services can provide exactly what you need at a competitive price. Dust might be a common complaint in electrostatic environments, but this doesn’t mean you have to live with it. The […]

Workplace Flu Prevention Tips

It’s that time of year again…cold and flu season!! The flu is a highly contagious virus that can spread like wildfire in an office setting. It only takes one sick employee to leave you with a skeleton crew. And with the majority of your staff out sick, productivity goes out the window. Workplace flu prevention […]

Affordable Janitorial Services in Chesapeake

Looking for commercial cleaning in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Norfolk? If so, we’re the company to trust. Keeping an office clean and germ-free can be a part-time job in itself. If your office gets a lot of foot traffic and you employ a lot of people, germs can spread quickly. This results in more employee sick days and […]

Janitorial Cleaning in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach

For top-notch janitorial cleaning in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or Norfolk, give Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services a call today. It’s our pleasure to offer dependable office cleaning services in Hampton Roads. We’re looking to establish long-term relationships with local businesses, and we’re happy to provide a free estimate for janitorial services based on your needs and budget. […]

Affordable Office Cleaning – Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach

Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services offers a variety of commercial office janitorial services in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk. You can’t put a price on a clean office, especially since a clean office is the first step to a healthier office. Your office isn’t going to clean itself. It requires daily, or at the very least, weekly attention. And […]

Questions to Ask Your Office Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake ensures a clean and healthy office space. But as you search for a commercial janitorial cleaning company, you may not know which questions to ask. The worst mistake you can make is believing that every commercial cleaning company in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake is the same. The service you receive may […]

How Often Should You Clean Your Office?

When you go to work every day, your mind’s on running your company. You have to hire and train, employees, manage your staff, advertise for new clients, and grow the company’s revenue. Therefore, office cleanliness might be the last thing on your mind. This isn’t to imply you’re a total slob. Obviously, you don’t want to see trash receptacles overflowing, nor […]

Why Microfiber Cloths are Better than Paper Towels?

The era of paper towels has come to an end. It’s reign was short and sweet, but now microfiber cloths are here to dethrone paper and make office cleaning much easier. Imagine a thorough office cleaning. The project from start to finish might take several sheets of paper towels, but only a single microfiber cloth. […]

Professional Window Cleaning in Chesapeake, Virginia

A clean office is a happy office. Not only for your employees, but also for customers. However, cleanliness isn’t limited to the inside of your office. Your windows also need attention. And if you think customers don’t notice dirt and debris on your windows and glass doors, we’re here to tell you differently. Your office […]