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Commercial floors can take a beating, which is why it’s important to schedule regular floor care and carpet cleaning in Chesapeake, Norfolk or Virginia Beach. With the amount of foot traffic in and out of your building every day, floors can gradually appear worn and dirty. And unfortunately, this doesn’t create the most professional image.

Whether you have carpet, hardwood or tile throughout your office, you should never neglect the condition of your floors. Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services offers a wide range of janitorial services and floor care options to improve the appearance of your office floors. Properly maintained floors don’t have to be replaced as often, which saves you time and money.

While regular mopping is the first line of defense, additional care is needed. Even when commercial floors are swept and mopped on a weekly basis, dirt and debris from shoes and outdoor elements can slowly penetrate the surface of floors and carpet. And when this occurs, removing stains requires more than a mop and bucket.

If your floors look a little worn, give us a call today. We offer a variety of floor care services including:

  • carpet cleaning
  • stripping and waxing
  • tile and grout cleaning

Specialized floor maintenance once or twice a year deep cleans to lift stubborn stains, restores the condition of your floor and protects your floor from further damage. In conjunction with floor care services, you can also place protective mats near entrances and underneath desk chairs.

If you’re ready to discuss your floor care options, give us a call at 303–5275 or fill out the contact us form. We’ll schedule a walk-through at your convenience and prepare a free customizable estimate.

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