How to Get Back Your Security Deposit When Moving Out

When moving out of a house or apartment that you’re renting, the condition in which you leave the home decides whether you get back your security deposit. But between organizing the move, packing boxes and everything else in between, you probably don’t have time to give the place a deep cleaning. No worries. Give Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services a call and get a free quote for move-in/move out cleaning in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or Norfolk.

Security deposits can equal a month’s rent. So naturally, you want to get back every cent. How do you do this? The good news is that it’s easier than you think.

Here are a few simple tips to ensure you get your money.

1. Take Your Stuff With You

It’s easier to leave behind items you don’t want to deal with. But if you leave personal stuff in a rental, your landlord has to move these items himself or hire a junk removal company. This costs time and money, and in most cases, your landlord will deduct this expense from your security deposit. To prevent this from happening, don’t leave any personal items behind.

2. Tackle Small, Inexpensive Repairs

Although this isn’t your property and you’re ultimately not responsible for repairs, one way to get on your landlord’s good side and get back a security deposit is fixing any damages you’re guilty of– even seemingly minor one. For example, get the carpet professionally cleaned if you’ve tracked in dirt or mud over the years. Patch holes caused by photos and pictures, and repaint rooms to the original colors. The less work your landlord does to get the property ready for the next tenant, the better.

3. Professionally Clean the Home

A little soap and water plays a major role in getting back a security deposit. But as we’ve already mentioned, who has time to clean? If time isn’t on your side, give Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services a call to schedule move out/move in cleaning in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or Norfolk. We can customize a cleaning package to fit your budget. Services including vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, baseboards, windows, blinds, outside and/or interior of appliances, etc. Tell us your needs and we’ll prepare a competitive quote.

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