Outside Maintenance Tips that Leave a Lasting Impression

If your decks a victim of wear and tear, you need a solution to undo damage and years of weather exposure. Building a new deck might not be an option, but a little cleaning and maintenance can do wonders.

Here are a few options available to you:

1. Clean Your Deck: Before making any significant repairs, focus attention on removing dust, dirt and wood fibers from the deck with a good pressure washer. If you don’t have one, look for a professional cleaning company.

2 Fix Loose Nails: If your deck has loose nails, remove these with a cat’s paw or hammer. Use new screws to reattach the board.

3. Repair Any Split Wood: A board can split down the middle. Mark the board next to the edge of the first support joist past the split. Use a jigsaw to cut the board and remove the deck screws or nails from the wood. Attach a 2×4 support to block the joist. Cut the replacement down to size, then pre-drill and fasten it to the support block with deck screws.

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