Tips for Reducing Dust in an Electrostatic Environment

Too much dust around your computers and files? Need a commercial office cleaning company for your Chesapeake or Virginia Beach office?

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Dust might be a common complaint in electrostatic environments, but this doesn’t mean you have to live with it. The following recommendations–along with weekly janitorial services–can improve the overall condition of your office and reduce the amount of dust around your workspace.

1. Place computers in central areas

Place computers in the middle of the room. Dust collects in corners and behind items, so situating computers, printers and other electronic devices away from walls and corners can reduce dust accumulation.

2. Use a battery-powered fan

If there isn’t a central location for computer monitors and printers, a small battery-powered fan is an effective and inexpensive way to minimize dust on desks and other surfaces. The fan circulates air around electronic devices, thus preventing a buildup.

3. Dust between office cleaning visits

Although commercial office cleaning in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake can maintain the cleanliness of your office, keeping a feather duster or microfiber cloth near your desk keeps dust under control in between scheduled cleanings. Use a feather duster whenever you notice a slight buildup.

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