Winter Survival Tips for Your Office Carpet

Winter is cold and messy, and you can expect employees and clients to track snow and ice into the office. Moisture can easily work its way inside your carpets, ruining the materials with repeated use and abuse. For that matter, this is one of the best times to schedule a professional carpet cleaning. Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services can handle all your janitorial needs from general office cleaning to carpet cleaning.

Between dust, allergens and dirt — your carpet takes a beaten. But a professional cleaning keeps your carpet cleaned and maintained, increasing the longevity and saving you money.

There are advantages to professional carpet cleaning, such as:

  • Carpets remain cleaner during the winter months and contain fewer allergens. Certain professional carpet cleaning methods deal with allergens, such as hot water extraction. Proper cleaning removes these allergens from the carpet.
  • In the winter, it takes less time for carpets to dry after a professional cleaning. The dry air of winter causes water in carpet to evaporate faster than usual. Higher moisture levels during the summer increase the risk for mold and mildew.

After a professional cleaning, do your best to prevent too much debris and moisture on the carpets. Dragging ice and snow into the office brings moisture and salt onto the carpet fibers, which can have a destructive effect. For more tips on carpet cleanings, visit Paddington Carpet Cleaning.

If you don’t have time to maintain your office, Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services can be the solution. Whether you need daily, weekly or biweekly services, we can customize a cleaning package that fits your budget.

Call us today at 303-5275 to schedule your free commercial janitorial office cleaning estimate. Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services proudly serves Hampton Roads since 2008 – Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and the Peninsula.

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