Commercial Office Cleaning in Virginia Beach – An Investment, Not an Expense

You may think commercial office cleaning services in Virginia Beach, Virginia is an unnecessary expense — but in actuality, it’s an investment.

Walk around your office and be completely honest. Is it clean? And remember, cleanliness involves more than items being in the proper place. Lift the keyboards on the desks or check behind the computer monitors. If you don’t currently have a janitorial cleaning company, you might notice crumbs, dirt and a major accumulation of dust. In fact, a close inspection of your office may reveal extremely dirty conditions.

Since this isn’t your home, cleanliness might not be as important. But this is where you work for 40 or more hours a week, and if you’re the owner or manager, the office conditions reflect on you. So, rather than work in filth, hire an office commercial cleaning company in Virginia Beach to whip your office into shape.

But like many people, maybe you don’t want to add another monthly expense. Janitorial services are often viewed as a luxury, and it’s normal to want to reduce costs. But adding an office janitorial service can potentially improve your bottom line. For example:

Maintain a positive image with clients

Your clients are probably polite and they’ll never mention the dirty conditions of your office. But if your office is noticeably filthy, this can present your company in a bad light. And depending on the customer or client, they might judge your company harshly based on the conditions of your office, and they might go elsewhere.

Healthier environment for employees

If your office has never been professionally cleaned, there’s probably germs and bacteria lurking on many surfaces, such as keyboards, phones and light switches. As a result, viruses can sweep through your office like wildfire. Your staff may call out sick frequently which reduces workflow and productivity, ultimately affecting your bottom line.

Doesn’t take away from your daily tasks

If you don’t hire a commercial office cleaning company in Virginia Beach, your workers may pitch in and clean the office from time to time. This is excellent teamwork, but if this cleaning occurs during the workday, the day isn’t as productive. Rather than your staff spend valuable time cleaning, let a professional janitorial company manage this aspect of your business.

If you don’t have time to handle your own janitorial needs, outsource your cleaning. Call us today at 303-5275 to schedule your free estimate. Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services has proudly served Hampton Roads since 2008 – Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and the Peninsula.

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