Easing Janitorial Security Concerns

A green commercial office cleaning company in Hampton Roads (Chesapeake, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Portsmouth) can ensure the cleanliness of your office, thus reducing exposure to germs and bacteria. But while you might acknowledge the value of hiring a professional janitorial company, you may have a few safety concerns.

This is understandable. Trust is something we earn; and unless you have a prior relationship with the person cleaning your office, you may question whether he is dependable and honest. Rest assured that there are ways to maintain a clean office while keeping your possessions and information safe.

Here at Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services, we fully understand your concerns. It’s our aim to not only provide exceptional services, but also to ease any security worries. For that matter, we can offer:

1. Background Checks on Janitorial Staff

We don’t allow any and everyone into your space. A criminal background screening ensures that your keys are left in the hands of trustworthy, trained professionals.

2. Cleaning Services During Working Hours

If you don’t feel comfortable giving our cleaning crew a key and the alarm code to your building — no worries. Simply schedule janitorial services during business hours. Our staff can clean quietly and discreetly while you work.

3. Insured Cleaning Services

If we break it, we’ll gladly replace it. Our janitorial crews are trained in the art of cleaning. They’ve mastered how to be thorough, efficient, and extremely careful. However, nobody’s perfect and accidents can happen. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Therefore, if our staff damages an item while servicing your building — a picture frame, a lamp, a nameplate, etc. — we’ll quickly pay the replacement cost.

For more information on green commercial office cleaning in Hampton Roads (Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk and Portsmouth), complete the contact us form or call (757) 303-5275.

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