Five Cleaning Tools to Keep at Your Desk

If you work in an office, then you probably know how much dust can accumulate in your space, and you’re probably aware of the amount of germs that lurk in your space. You can ignore the condition of your desk; but there’s a risk that the situation will get out of control.

Here are five effective tools for maintaining the cleanliness of your office desk.

  • Antistatic wipes are an absolute must if you work with electronics. They remove dust from computers and other electronics.
  • Lint rollers are also an excellent tool to have around your desk. These are useful when you need to remove lint from your clothes and furniture.
  • Antibacterial wipes are a good thing to have around the office. Keyboards and mouses are some of the dirtiest, germ-infested objects in an office. Regular sanitizing keeps these objects clean.
  • A small dust pan can be used to catch and clean the inevitable dust bunnies that collect in neglected area, such as under your desk or the corners of a room. You can also use these to brush away crumbs if you eat at your desk.
  • Use hand sanitizer to clean your hands before eating at the office. Hand sanitizer can keep you safe from germs, especially during flu and cold season.

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