Is Your Office Janitorial Company Keeping Your Office Safe?

Finding a group of great commercial cleaners can be a challenge. Since cleaning can be dangerous with an inexperienced cleaner, here are a few tips to ensure your janitorial staff adheres to safety standards.

1. Safety signs

Safety signs are vital and help reduce injury. There are hundreds of injuries happening everyday because of people not being aware of hazardous areas. Make sure your janitorial company uses safety signs when necessary.

2. Chemical knowledge

A well-trained janitorial company should know necessary information about chemical safety, and should always know where the MSD (material safety data) sheets are located. If they’re unsure about a particular chemical, they can check the guide and read the warnings. Ask your office janitorial company about their MSD sheets and workplace safety plan. This indicates you’re hiring an experienced and responsible cleaning company.

3. Equipment safety

Your cleaners should have solid knowledge about the instructions of how to operate cleaning equipment. For example, if you seek pressure washing service, the cleaner should be aware of the sharpness of pressure washers, and how these machines can cut skin like a knife. They’ll need to restrict the work areas and make sure authorized personnel wear protective equipment.

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