Window Cleaning/Washing

Hiring a professional window cleaning company can save you time and improve the appearance of your office. Most business owners don’t have time to clean the interior and exterior windows of their commercial building. They give more attention to maintaining the inside of their office space. However, windows should never be neglected.

Whether you don’t have time or the proper equipment, Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services is proud to offer professional window cleaning/washing in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk. We use professional-grade equipment to remove 99.9% of dirt, grime and other buildup from commercial windows.

We have a three-step cleaning process that consists of scrubbing your windows with a solution to loosen contaminants. Next, we’ll use professional window washing equipment to remove the solution and dirt from your windows. Lastly, we wipe your windows with a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining contaminants, resulting in a streak-free finish.

Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services offers a variety of commercial janitorial services including general janitorial, carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing, tile and grout cleaning, window washing and blind cleaning. We offer competitive rates, customizable services, and our work is 100% guaranteed. We’re also licensed, bonded and insured.

Call today to schedule a walkthrough and discuss options for a window care program.

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