Three Reasons to Fire Your Janitorial Staff

Hiring qualified janitorial staff is difficult in an industry with a high turnover. As an employer, you look for people with high motivation, personal ethics and organizational skills. The ideal combination is hard to find, and sometimes you just don’t have the right person. Here’s how to differentiate a valuable janitorial staff member from a nightmare one.

Lack of motivation

The most obvious reason to fire a person — they don’t execute their duties properly. One of the problems may be they don’t have the needed experience. Training your employees is timely and costly. Hiring more experienced people, though, doesn’t guarantee a high quality of work. This isn’t their dream job, thus some people just aren’t motivated to do a good job. If you notice repeated signs of negligence, such as poor performance, dismiss them.

Lack of commitment

Motivation and commitment are closely related. When problems arise with the first, it’ll affect the latter. There are two possible scenarios if a person is unable to perform a job. The committed employee accepts criticism and prevents future mistakes. But the bad employee makes excuses, or gives explanations and rationalizations. They may even start complaining and finger pointing. This results in no improvement or only short-term improvement and repetitive unfavorable behavior.

Lack of Integrity

A bad attitude is among the worst qualities you can find in an employee. Lack of honesty and irresponsible behavior are good indicators that it’s time to fire the person. If an employee arrives late to work, takes frequent breaks and leaves early, this means they don’t approach the job with the required diligence. Lack of integrity can be manifested in constant lies by commission or omission. You can’t depend on a person like this.

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