How to Clean Your Office Bathroom Like a Pro

Bathrooms are some of the dirtiest rooms in an office or home, especially if it receives a lot of traffic from a lot of different people. To keep germs and dirt to a minimum, you need to clean like a pro. Here are a few guidelines to ensure the cleanest, healthiest bathroom — whether you’re at home or work.

1. Attacking grime and soap scum

You don’t have to buy expensive products to get things done; all you need is one important product — baking soda.

Three tablespoons of good-ole baking soda, a half cup of ammonia and two cups of warm water creates an effective cleaner for most bathroom surfaces. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse surfaces after cleaning.

2. Clean, shiny toilet bowl

This is one of the most important — if not the most important — task when cleaning a bathroom. Use antacid tablets to clean the bowl with ease, rather than attacking it with a brush. You can also use a bottle of cola or mouthwash. If using the latter option, don’t flush for a few hours for maximum results.

3. Eliminating mildew and mold

Remove mold and mildew using a mixture of distilled white vinegar and borax with two cups of water. Pour the mixture over affected areas, or use a cotton cloth to apply to surfaces. Let the mixture dry, and then scrub it off with a soft cloth or sponge. You can use the same technique with a mix of bleach and dishwashing liquid, or make a paste with salt and vinegar.

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