Is Your Office Ready for Flu Season?

It’s already mid-fall and winter is right around the corner. Do you know what this means? It’s flu season.

Flu season starts around mid-September and continues into April. And it’s around this time that most people develop flu symptoms and call out sick.

Maybe you feel your office is clean and healthy, but a flu outbreak can say otherwise.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get your office ready for flu season. The more prepared you are, the less sick time your employees will need.

Install wall-mounted hand sanitizers

You can ask every employee to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at their desk, but some won’t comply. If you really want to get ready for flu season, purchase two or three wall mount sanitizing systems — depending on the size of your office — and ask employees to sanitize their hands throughout the day. Good locations include the entryway of your office, the break room, and maybe the conference room.

Require sick employees to stay home

Request that anyone with flu symptoms stay home. Understandably, everyone has to work to earn a living. Therefore, some of your employees may come in while sick. This might keep their finances on track, but it puts everyone at risk for the flu virus. Symptoms of the flu can include a fever, body aches, a sore throat, coughing and congestion.

Pay for your staff to receive a vaccination

Getting a flu shot is one of the best ways to prevent the virus. Your employees can receive a flu shot from their primary care doctor or any local pharmacy. Or you can pay for your staff to get a vaccination. Your company might partner with a local pharmacy or doctor office, at which time a nurse can come to the office and administer flu shots to anyone interested. Of course, you can’t make your staff get a flu shot. But you can offer incentives, such as free lunch or a gift card for those who receive the shot.

Use a janitorial cleaning service

You can’t stop germs or flu season, but hiring a janitorial company to clean your office significantly reduces the number of germs and bacteria. A cleaning company can sanitize phones, keyboards, doorhandles, light switches, elevator buttons and other commonly touched surfaces. These measures can stop the flu virus in its track and lower the risk of an outbreak in your office.

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