Keep Your Entryway in Tip Top Shape

A clean environment is a productive environment, and cleanliness is especially important if your business receives customers or clients. If you don’t care about office cleanliness, customers may conclude that you don’t care about your place of business.

Maintaining a clean office involves more than taking out the garbage and making sure bathrooms are disinfected on a regular basis. Your customer waiting area should also showcase your professionalism.

The entryway is the first thing clients see as they enter your place of business. And as they wait to see you, there’s plenty of time to look around and evaluate the level of cleanliness. Your entryway doesn’t have to be picture perfect or the best decorated area of your office, but it needs to be clean. Here are three tips to ensure a clean entryway

1. Dust tables and chairs

This area gets dirtier and dustier than other areas because it’s near the door. So it’s important to give it more than the usual attention. Once or twice a week, wipe entryway furniture to remove dust and dirt. This includes both horizontal and vertical surfaces on chairs and tables.

2. Sweep and mop floors

You may not have to mop your entryway floors every day, but you should vacuum or sweep this area at least once a day. Dirt, dust and debris can quickly collect on the floors and make the office look dirtier than it really is.

3. Clean windows and doors

Is this a tedious task? Yes. Should you ignore windows and doors? No.

Fingerprints and smudges might be visible on glass surfaces, especially when the sun shines into the entryway. Spot check on a daily basis and remove smudges and dust from around push plates and doorhandles.

If you don’t have time to maintain your office, Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services can be the solution. Whether you need daily, weekly or biweekly services, we can customize a cleaning package that fits your budget.

Call us today at 303-5275 to schedule your free office cleaning estimate. Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services proudly serves Hampton Roads since 2008 – Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and the Peninsula.

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