Quick Tips for Commercial Janitorial Cleaning in Virginia Beach

Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services is proud to be your commercial janitorial cleaning company of choice. Serving Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk, we offer a variety of services to meet your janitorial needs, such as window washing, general janitorial, carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing, and tile and grout cleaning.

But although our employees have the skills and expertise to provide top-notch service and maintain the cleanliness of your office, you may need a few pointers to keep your office clean between scheduled services.

Here are a few quick tips for commercial office cleaning in Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

  • Clean your microwave with lemons. The microwave in the break room can get dirty and nasty with employees warming up their lunches. And unfortunately, your request for everyone to clean the microwave after each use can fall on deaf ears. The good news is that there’s an easy and fast way to remove microwave stains and odors. Place a bowl of water in the microwave and add a few squeezes of lemon juice. Turn on the microwave for a couple minutes and the steam from the lemon water will loosen dried food particles. Simply wipe with a paper towel and you’re finished.
  • Use vinegar to remove stains. Professional carpet cleaning can remove tough carpet stains. But if you don’t want to call a company for a single stain on your carpet, blot the stain with a little vinegar.
  • Remove scuff marks with a pencil eraser. You can’t stop your employees from wearing shoes with black soles, but you can easily remove black scuff marks from your floors. Use a pencil eraser and watch these marks disappear before your eyes.
  • Keep the air fresh with a fragrance. Stale, dry air can make your office feel dirty. If you can’t open a window and let fresh air inside, dab a mild fragrance on a light bulb. Turn on the light and the heat from the bulb will emit a fragrance throughout the room or office.

To learn how you can receive a customized quote for commercial janitorial office cleaning in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake, give us a call at 303–5275 or complete the contact us form.

We specialize in different types of commercial office cleaning, including general janitorial, window washing/cleaning, post-construction cleanup, tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing, and more.

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