Should You Give Your Office Janitorial Company a Second Chance?

Most employers and employees don’t have time for office cleaning. Regardless of the position you have in the office, the last thing on your mind is keeping the office clean. You’re undoubtedly busy with phone calls, paperwork, replying to emails and a whole lot of other duties that can’t be ignored.

Nonetheless, maintaining a clean office is important. This isn’t only vital to your health, a clean environment can boost productivity, which is ultimately everyone’s goal. This is why it’s important to hire the right cleaning service for the job.

Commercial janitorial office cleaners are equipped to take care of your office cleaning needs. Sometimes, however, a company might make mistakes and overlook certain issues. But there are ways to ensure you get the best service possible:

Always be specific with your instructions: For the best cleaning service, make sure the janitorial staff knows exactly what’s expected of them, and what you need completed around the office. Offer specific instructions, don’t leave your company guessing.

Make sure the company is reliable: Read reviews or testimonials and ask for references. Make sure the company has a history of being dependable.

Always communicate any problem. Establish good communication with your office cleaning company. If you have a concern with the level of service, speak with your contact person and work with the company to resolve any issues. Communication is key to a positive relationship that’s mutually beneficial and long-term.

Of course, even after many discussions, you might come to the realization that your office janitorial company can’t meet your expectations. Rather than settle for poor quality, make a change and work with a reliable company.

Eco-Green Office Cleaning Service is committed to your satisfaction. We throughly train our staff in cleaning methods, and quality control ensures you receive the best service every time. Additionally, we offer a 100% guarantee on our work.

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Whether your office space is big or small, Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services can tackle the job. Call right now and schedule your free estimate for commercial janitorial office cleaning in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk or the Peninsula.

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