Signs You Might Be Allergic to Toxic Harsh Cleaning Products

Sitting at a desk all day can be rough on your back, neck and eyes. But these aren’t the only problems you have to deal with. All of a sudden, you may develop other symptoms. Your skin might itch intensively or you may have difficulty catching your breath.

If you’re not working in a green office, these symptoms might be an allergic response to harsh, toxic cleaning products used by your janitor or office cleaning service.

Regular cleaning products are filled with chemicals and toxins, yet these products are frequently used in closed spaces with little ventilation. Breathing in or coming in contact with these chemicals every day isn’t good for your health.

Possible signs of an allergic reaction to harsh cleaning products include:

  • Red skin rashes or any skin discoloration. Itching and pain might accompany the rash.
  • Blisters. A more serious allergic reaction can cause a skin infection or oozing blisters on your body.
  • Intense burning. Sometimes, the only physical symptom of an allergic reaction is a burning sensation on your skin after coming in contact with the product.
  • Eye swelling or burning. If you’re exposed to an allergen, your eyes might also burn, appear red, itch and swell.

Fortunately, the effects of an allergic reaction aren’t permanent. You can alleviate uncomfortable symptoms by simply swapping your harsh cleaning products with green cleaning solutions.

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