Different Types of Green Cleaning Products

By Abhishek Gupta

The constant urge to take proper care of the environment has led to an increased popularity of green cleaning products. A majority of common household cleaners contain harmful chemicals which are capable of causing health hazards and can impact the environment in an adverse manner. This is the reason why most people are turning towards natural products that can be used to clean the house in a safe and effective manner. The different natural cleaning solutions that households use for performing their cleaning tasks have been discussed below:

  • Vinegar Cleaning– Vinegar is one of the most widely used products for cleaning different items and places within the house. This green cleaning product mixed with plain water can be used for cleaning a mirror as well as the kitchen floor. Mildew often accumulates in the shower curtains which can ruin the entire look of the bathroom. White vinegar mixed with plain water can be sprayed on the shower curtain to get rid of mildew. This mixture can even be used for cleaning the kitchen as it is absolutely safe and non-toxic. Vinegar can also be used for cleaning the bathroom floor in order to remove the smell of urine and make it feel fresh and tidy.
  • Rubbing Alcohol Cleaning– This is another wonderful green cleaning product which can be added to a baby wipes box and kept inside the bathroom. If there is a need to clean the sink, a baby wipe can be pulled out and the sink can be wiped and leave it clean and fresh. Faucets can be provided with a sparkling look by wiping them with cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol. Granite counter tops always get covered with grease and stains which make it look dull and untidy. However, by wiping the crumbs or grease with dishcloth, a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol on the counter top could help in getting back the original shine.
  • Lemon Cleaning– Shower doors are often affected with hard water stains that are hard to remove. The green cleaning product known as lemon oil can be applied on the affected areas to make it look brand new. Sticky surfaces within the kitchen often cause discomfort and a feeling of untidiness. Lemon essential oil drops used on cotton ball can get rid of the stickiness. Pans and pots require a lot of scrubbing to get rid of the tough stains. However, it is quite easy to clean with lemon. In order to do so the pans and pots need to be sprinkled with water with some salt in it. Cut a lemon into two halves and scrubbing the surface could help in cleaning all the dirt and stains.
  • Baking Soda Cleaning– Baking Soda is a green cleaning product which cleans the toilet sinks and tubs effectively. Grease from the stove along with stains on porcelain sinks could be removed very easily by scrubbing them with this unique green cleaning product.

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  1. Kimberly Barrett

    The information provided about natural cleaning products was not only enlightening but very helpful and practical. It reminded me of things I knew about the benefits of these products and has helped me to start using them again. I’m saying goodbye to my favorite Clorox clean-up and help to eco-green friendly products. Thanks for the reminders!!!

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