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Tips for Reducing Dust in an Electrostatic Environment

Too much dust around your computers and files? Need a commercial office cleaning company for your Chesapeake or Virginia Beach office? No worries–Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services can provide exactly what you need at a competitive price. Dust might be a common complaint in electrostatic environments, but this doesn’t mean you have to live with it. The […]

Workplace Flu Prevention Tips

It’s that time of year again…cold and flu season!! The flu is a highly contagious virus that can spread like wildfire in an office setting. It only takes one sick employee to leave you with a skeleton crew. And with the majority of your staff out sick, productivity goes out the window. Workplace flu prevention […]

How Eco-Green Differs From the Competition

Cleaning might seem like a simple job, but no two cleaning companies are alike. It’s our commitment to stay a step ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional service. If you’re looking for commercial office cleaning in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake, give Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services a call for a noticeable difference. Anybody with […]

How to Keep Funky Odors Out of Your Office

A clean office has a tremendous impact on your professional image. Clients are likely to notice the cleanliness of your office as soon as they step foot inside. But no matter how clean your office appears, a funky odor doesn’t leave the best impression. Unfortunately, you and your staff might become nose blind to certain […]

Three Advantages of Outsourcing Commercial Office Cleaning

In-house office cleaning helps reduce operating costs. But sometimes, it’s simply better to outsource and let a professional handle the dirty work. Eco-Green Office Cleaning is a full-service janitorial office cleaning company in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake. We have the resources and experience to get the job done, and we welcome the opportunity to earn your […]

Clean Bathrooms Matter – Restroom Cleaning Service in Chesapeake

Although the restroom isn’t the first thing customers see when they enter an establishment, the cleanliness of your restrooms matter, especially if you’re running a restaurant or medical facility. According to a 2011 Harris Interactive Survey, approximately 94% of 1,000 adults surveyed said they wouldn’t return to an establishment if the restrooms were dirty. This includes overfilled waste baskets, trash on […]

What You Should Expect from a Commercial Cleaning Company

Looking to hire a commercial cleaning company in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or Norfolk? Needless to say, you want to establish a relationship with a company that upholds a high standard of cleanliness and offers affordable pricing. However, these aren’t the only components of an excellent service Here’s what you should expect from your commercial cleaning company. 1. Customizable services Many commercial […]

Microfiber Cloths vs. Paper Towels: Which is Better for Office Cleaning in Chesapeake, VA?

Finding a company capable of professional, top-notch service is important when looking for commercial office cleaning in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or Norfolk. If you’re not overly particular about cleaning methods or materials, you may not question a company’s approach, as long as the crew consistently meets your expectations. But while flexibility can go a long […]

Key Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Commercial Cleaning Virginia Beach, VA

Commercial cleaning Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake can solve your office janitorial needs. Running a company takes a lot of your time and energy, and with everything going on, the cleanliness of your office is the last thing you need to stress about. Not to say you shouldn’t care about a clean environment. But if […]

Different Types of Green Cleaning Products

By Abhishek Gupta The constant urge to take proper care of the environment has led to an increased popularity of green cleaning products. A majority of common household cleaners contain harmful chemicals which are capable of causing health hazards and can impact the environment in an adverse manner. This is the reason why most people […]