Three Things to Improve Air Quality in Your Office

Our office is where most of us spend a sufficient amount of time — upwards of 40 hours or more each week. Naturally, you want to keep this space clean and organized. But as you clean, there’s a tendency to concentrate on the desk and completely neglect an important element of a clean office — namely, the quality of air. Here are three ways to improve air quality in your office.

Let it Breathe

The first and most obvious way to maintain the air quality in your office is allowing fresh air inside. This means opening the windows from time to time. If it’s pollen season and you can’t open a window due to allergies, use a filtered air-conditioned system. Closed spaces tend to accumulate dust, and this dust can go straight to your lungs if there isn’t proper ventilation. Since an air-conditioner can also release unhealthy emissions, clean it regularly and frequently change the air filters to prevent dust and other particles from getting into the device.

Bring Nature Indoors

Plants are a great source of fresh air. Greenery not only makes an office look gorgeous, it serves as an air purifier. Plant roots and leaves absorb toxic pollutants. Spider plants, peace lilies, golden pathos and ferns are famous for processing and filtering particular chemicals. Keep in mind that mold often develops near plants that are watered regularly, so you’ll need to complete routine inspections.

Get Rid of the Harsh Chemicals

Indoor office air may contain a variety of contaminants. Some of the volatile chemicals, like those released by paint are inevitable. Use eco-friendly cleaners that don’t contain heavy and poisonous ingredients. You can also use air purifiers with HEPA filters.

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