The Microfiber Cloth as Your Ultimate Office Cleaning Tool

When you’re in charge of cleaning your own office, you shouldn’t use any type of product for the job. This is where you spend 6-10 hours a day—and understandably, you want to work in a healthy, toxic-free environment. You don’t want to fill the office with harsh chemicals that can trigger allergies, respiratory problems or rashes.

A microfiber cloth is your best bet for keeping your office in tip-top shape. This magnificent tool doesn’t require any cleaning solutions, yet can work wonders on dusty and dirty surfaces. Wipe your desk, chair and windows, and the cloths’ fibers will get rid of every trace of dust and every dust mite—protecting the surface while it cleans.

Moisten the cloth or apply solution and remove stickier substances, such as coffee or food stains. Maintaining microfiber cloths are a breeze. Simple wash with warm water, dry, and it is ready for use again.

Microfiber cloths are a natural, green solution to your dust and dirt problems. You don’t need harsh chemicals, nor any special equipment – one cloth is all it takes. Daily or weekly dusting of your office space can provide a clean and healthy work environment—just what you need to be as productive as possible. A microfiber cloth can also be used in the home. It is cost-effective and can reduce paper towel usage. You can keep your office and home clean with just a simple cloth. For more cleaning tips, visit Carpet Cleaning Dulwich Ltd.

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