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How Your Office Benefits from Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services offers commercial office cleaning in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, and we’re the company to trust if your office needs professional attention. Managing your company takes a lot of your time and energy. You have to deal with daily meetings, hiring and training new employees, and customer support. And sometimes, there just […]

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning in Virginia Beach

Did you know that the average office desk contains as many as 400 different types of germs – yuck. This doesn’t leave the best image in your mind. It might be easier “not” to think about dirt and grime collecting on your desk, mouse, keyboard and phone. However, ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. You need an office […]

The Microfiber Cloth as Your Ultimate Office Cleaning Tool

When you’re in charge of cleaning your own office, you shouldn’t use any type of product for the job. This is where you spend 6-10 hours a day—and understandably, you want to work in a healthy, toxic-free environment. You don’t want to fill the office with harsh chemicals that can trigger allergies, respiratory problems or […]

Green Office Cleaning in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake

It only makes sense to keep your office clean and tidy. But you shouldn’t rely on any type of cleaning products and solutions—you need green cleaning options. Avoiding hazardous chemicals is one of the best ways to make your office eco-friendly, and replacing chemicals with green alternatives is easier than you might think. Clean vinyl […]

Best Office Janitorial Cleaning Company in Virginia Beach, VA

Do you need commercial janitorial office cleaning in Virginia Beach, Virginia? If so, you can’t trust any office cleaning company that knocks at your door. The biggest mistake you can make is downplaying the importance of using a reliable company for office cleaning. There’s a tendency to chase the lowest price. But like any other service or product you purchase, […]

Commercial Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning in Chesapeake, VA

Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services is a commercial janitorial office cleaning company serving Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk. We believe that every company can benefit from commercial janitorial cleaning. Between a busy schedule and workload, office cleanliness can fall by the wayside. Even if everyone in the office agrees to carry their weight and clean their workstations, it might be hit […]

Day Porter Office Cleaning in Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach

The more people you employ, the greater your need for commercial janitorial office cleaning in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth or Chesapeake. Some companies hire a janitorial day porter to handle their daily office cleaning needs. But with your busy schedule, maybe you can’t fathom the idea of managing a day porter. Eco-Green Office Cleaning Services understands your dilemma […]